Basketball player profile

Lennox Norville

Date of birth : 1991-01-01
Height : 1m96 / 6-5
Position : Small Forward
Lennox Norville is a basketball player born on January 01, 1991 in Queens. His height is six foot five (1m96 / 6-5). He is a small forward who most recently played for City College of New York Beavers in NCAA.

Regular season stats for Lennox Norville's basketball career

SEA LEA TEAM g min FG% 3% 1% or dr reb ast stl blk pts eff
12-13 NCAA City College of New York Beavers 1 8.0 - - - 0.0 5.0 5.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 4.0

Lennox Norville's regular season records




Basketball stats glossary

DAY: Competition round
SEA: Season
LEA: League
G: Games played
MIN: Minutes played
2M-2A: 2 points field goals made-attempted
3M-3A: 3 points field goals made-attempted
FG%: Field goal percentage
3%: 3 point field goal percentage
1M-1A: Free-throws made-attempted
1%: Free throw percentage
OR: Offensive rebounds
DR: Defensive rebounds
REB: Total rebounds
AST: Assists
STL: Steals
TO: Turnovers
BLK: Blocks
PTS: Points scored
EFF: Efficiency rating